COVID-19 allowed us to take a little break and finish our renovations. We were able to double the size of 8 of our suites, re-furnish and have renamed them. The Indulgence Suites and Rooms are very popular due to the size, privacy and enrichment they provide.

Indulgence Suites (previously known as Indulgence B suites), are on the Northern and Western walls which is perfect for all day sun-baking. Each suite is walk in height with plenty of floor space and has its own private window and sill with views of our gorgeous surrounding forestry. Suites also include multiple jumping platforms and a chair for relaxing.

Indulgence Rooms (previously known as Indulgence B suites) are our newly renovated and home-style, destination themed suites. Located on the Northern and Western walls, each suite is walk in height with plenty of floor space to provide exercise. They are now double the size of the existing Indulgence B suites, have up to 2 private windows with sills and views of our surrounding forestry.

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  • CCino Wilson

    "Ccino Wilson - looks wonderful, obviously enjoyed his surroundings and will be back, thank you"
  • Tigger

    "Tigger's home away from home. Loves coming to spend time with Tania"
  • Robbie Lee

    "The 5 star hotel & Tania are simply fabulous. I have a grumble-bum for a cat and Tania is so understanding. I can go away without any concerns. Robbie Lee is never stressed when I return. Thank you so very much."Cheryl
  • The Johnson's

    "Wow! How can words express how grateful we are for the good care you've taken of our babies. They've changed so much since coming here and we can't express how grateful we are for all your hard work. We hope they are as happy with us as they have been with you. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definately send you pictures and they will definately come and stay here when we go away."Lots of love, the Johnson clan, Glenn, Michelle, Georgie, Polly & Max
  • Mozart & Shakespeare

    "Hi Tania, John and I would like to thank you and your team at Hobbits Knob for the warm and caring manner shown to Mozart and Shakespeare during our recent trip to NSW. It was obvious John and I were more stressed on our return compared to the boys who had a good sniff around our suitcases and then proceeded to control our home as though they had never been away. They smelt lovely and fresh and with us giving them flea treatment and your extremely clean facilities there were no signs of fleas nor were their coats showing any signs of neglect. For all that we are proud to say how pleased we are to belong to the "Hobbits Knob" family."
  • Frankie

    "Have been the best place for my cat Frankie highly recommended. I hope all goes well for you guys and thank you for always keeping my mind at ease when he comes to stay. Thank you."
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