• Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat

    A safe haven for your pet while you enjoy your holiday.
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Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat

A safe haven for your pet while you enjoy your holiday

Our purpose built, modern, luxurious cattery building is designed to blend into the naturally stunning landscape which is surrounded by large native trees and tropical gardens.

We are only 5 minutes off the Bruce Highway, near Forest Glen, Sunshine Coast and only 1 hour to the Brisbane Airport and Gympie.

We supply 7 levels of comfortable, secure accommodation to suit any budget as well as some great discounts for seniors and long-term stays. We are the professionals in expert cat care - they're not just cats and this is not just a job to us, they are our passion!

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Important Information

We must sight your cat's annual vaccination certificate prior to admission to Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat. NO CERTIFICATE, NO ADMISSION. Your cat must be brought in a secure carry box and any personal items should be labelled. Please note we do not have eftpos or credit card facilities, we only accept cash, internet bank transfer or direct deposit. Read our Vaccination Information brochure.


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We are the professionals in expert cat care - they're not just cats and this is not just a job to us, they are our passion! We have four accommodation types to chose from, depending on your cat’s personality and your budget.

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Sanctuary Suites

10 separate suites (5 with direct view to marine aquarium) which have exclusive, alternative access into a large run.

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Indulgence Suites

These are our most popular suites. They are available in two different sizes, both with windows, a large window sill and jumping platforms.

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Comfort/Luxury Suites

These are classed as the budget accommodation but still have chairs, cubbies and bedding.

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Jungle Bungalow Suites

An exciting, playful environment. Each suite has alternate access to an inside run with a climbing apparatus.

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The Cat Retreat Cafe


Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat also has an interactive Cat Café, where we house adult cats and provide training, enrichment and extra love & care in an exclusive cat friendly environment.

Our Cat Cafe cats are refuge cats, looking for new caring homes.

kitty caddy transport service
Collection points:
  • your personal residence
  • retirement villages
  • Sunshine Coast & Brisbane airports
  • selected veterinary clinics

Kitty Caddy Transport Service

Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat now offer a pick up and drop off transport service directly to and from the following. Please contact the office for a personalised quote. Prices starting from $20/service makes it a hassle-free convenience.

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  • Mozart & Shakespeare

    "Hi Tania, John and I would like to thank you and your team at Hobbits Knob for the warm and caring manner shown to Mozart and Shakespeare during our recent trip to NSW. It was obvious John and I were more stressed on our return compared to the boys who had a good sniff around our suitcases and then proceeded to control our home as though they had never been away. They smelt lovely and fresh and with us giving them flea treatment and your extremely clean facilities there were no signs of fleas nor were their coats showing any signs of neglect. For all that we are proud to say how pleased we are to belong to the "Hobbits Knob" family."
  • Frankie

    "Have been the best place for my cat Frankie highly recommended. I hope all goes well for you guys and thank you for always keeping my mind at ease when he comes to stay. Thank you."
  • The Johnson's

    "Wow! How can words express how grateful we are for the good care you've taken of our babies. They've changed so much since coming here and we can't express how grateful we are for all your hard work. We hope they are as happy with us as they have been with you. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definately send you pictures and they will definately come and stay here when we go away."Lots of love, the Johnson clan, Glenn, Michelle, Georgie, Polly & Max
  • Tigger

    "Tigger's home away from home. Loves coming to spend time with Tania"
  • CCino Wilson

    "Ccino Wilson - looks wonderful, obviously enjoyed his surroundings and will be back, thank you"
  • Robbie Lee

    "The 5 star hotel & Tania are simply fabulous. I have a grumble-bum for a cat and Tania is so understanding. I can go away without any concerns. Robbie Lee is never stressed when I return. Thank you so very much."Cheryl
  • Murphy

    "We are so happy to be able to have Murphy here. He's always well looked after and a very relaxed cat when we get him home."Jon
  • Millie

    Gorgeous place. Thank you so much for taking good care of Millie.Caroline Stanley
  • Jerry & Maria

    "Great place for our little cats - they dont want to come back home." Jerry and Maria
  • Cleo

    "Thanks again Tania for caring for Cleo - obviously she has loved being here and spending lots of time with Laura. It is so re-assuring for us to know, that while we are away, she couldn't be in better hands."Yvonne and Lester Watkinson
  • Hercules, Jana & Mieke

    "Dearest Tania, Laura & Ivan - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you've looked after 'Hercules' for the 13 months he's been in your 5 star hotel!!! He's always looked so well groomed and happy, every single sunday I've visited. Everything is 'top notch' from your gardens/presentation on arrival to your warm affectionate manner and beautiful homely areas for these family members!!. You've all well exceeded our expectations - we'll be back again."Love Hercules, Jana & Mieke xx
  • Tinned food

    "After last stay, they wouldn't touch the tinned food at home. Tania has spoilt them!! We are very pleased with everything"
  • Daniel

    "Daniel enjoyed his 2nd Christmas. It was great to have a place that will look after a high maintenance cat. Thanks"
  • Shiko & Miss Abby

    Our fur babies Shiko & Miss Abby are currently on their third holiday at Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat. Each time they've come home happy & healthy. We're able to have great holidays because we know how well they're being looked after - to the point on this last holiday, the staff noticed our boy Shiko was not his usual self. They took him to our Vet, Naomi in Noosaville, where he needed treatment, they then collected him two days later and brought him back to Hobbits Knob...you simply can't ask for better care.....they always stay in a Sanctuary Suite and really enjoy their turn at the open area. We can't recommend Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat highly enough. Glenn & Kerry Priddle.
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