• All cats over 6 months of age to be de-sexed
  • We do require all cats to have their annual vaccinations. It is preferred that should their annual vaccination be due around the time of boarding that it be done 7-10 days prior to boarding, to ensure they have adequate coverage. For the health and safety of all cats within our establishment, we reserve the right to decline your cat’s admission should the vaccination not be done according to our policies.
  • We must sight your cat’s annual vaccination certificate prior to admission to Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat. Sorry, no certificate, no admission.
  • The owner is to provide detailed information on special diets and medications with all medications to be appropriately labelled and a Medication chart signed on admission.
  • We encourage owners to keep up to date with their cat's quarterly intestinal worming.
  • All cats must be treated for flea prevention prior to or on admission. We do not require tick prevention as the building design does not encourage a typical tick habitat. For an extra charge, we can supply Frontline, Advantage or Revolution or you may bring your own. These products are to be used according to manufacturers guidelines.
  • Should we find evidence of fleas on your cat, we reserve the right to treat appropriately and charge to your account.
  • All cats to be dropped off and picked up in a sturdy cat carry cage.
  • We request that the owner sign our Standard Conditions of Boarding form upon arrival.
  • We are proud members of the Queensland Pet Boarding & Grooming Association which we comply with their Code of Ethics, and appreciate your acceptance of our conditions of boarding, which ensures the health and safety of all cats boarding in our establishment.

Please visit our Conditions of Boarding page for all conditions and special conditions of boarding.

Coming Home?

Coming home from holidays and forgotten to pickup food for the cat? No problem! Our cat shop has a full stock of vet endorsed food suitable for even the fussiest of eaters.


  • Murphy

    "We are so happy to be able to have Murphy here. He's always well looked after and a very relaxed cat when we get him home."Jon
  • Millie

    Gorgeous place. Thank you so much for taking good care of Millie.Caroline Stanley
  • Cleo

    "Thanks again Tania for caring for Cleo - obviously she has loved being here and spending lots of time with Laura. It is so re-assuring for us to know, that while we are away, she couldn't be in better hands."Yvonne and Lester Watkinson
  • Frankie

    "Have been the best place for my cat Frankie highly recommended. I hope all goes well for you guys and thank you for always keeping my mind at ease when he comes to stay. Thank you."
  • The Johnson's

    "Wow! How can words express how grateful we are for the good care you've taken of our babies. They've changed so much since coming here and we can't express how grateful we are for all your hard work. We hope they are as happy with us as they have been with you. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definately send you pictures and they will definately come and stay here when we go away."Lots of love, the Johnson clan, Glenn, Michelle, Georgie, Polly & Max
  • Jerry & Maria

    "Great place for our little cats - they dont want to come back home." Jerry and Maria
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