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Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat has been specifically designed to keep cats free from the harsh Australian climate, predators, parasites and vermin. The entire cat accommodation area is fully insulated, well ventilated and air conditioned with cooling for the summer and heating for the winter, with polished timber floors for that homely, relaxed ambience.

Since we encourage the community to keep their cats indoors, Hobbits Knob has uniquely been designed as an entirely indoors cattery with everything a cat desires and much more. We now also provide a safe, secure deck area which provides your cat with “outside” time. This area is exclusive to long term boarders, but is also available to short term boarders subject to availability and a small fee.

Expert Care

At Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat you can expect to find caring and friendly staff and a qualified Veterinary Nurse with the ability to care for any special requirements your cat needs. We understand that cats are very sensitive creatures and we aim to provide a purpose built facility that is stress free, clean and comfortable by catering to their individual requirements.

We aim to make sure the cat’s usual at home routine is not disrupted whilst here by feeding similar to what they get at home including twice daily feeds (or only once or more regularly if requested). We offer a full range of Hills Science Diet biscuits and tins as well as tuna and steak mince, but also allow owners to bring in special wet varieties or prescription diets. Please note that bringing in own food does not affect boarding cost.

We determine which area would be most suitable to each cat depending on their personality. We have areas which suit cats that are timid or don’t like to be too close to other cats, this ensures their stay is a stress-free as possible. We also consider positioning of sick and older cats so they get the full benefit of the sunlight and heating in winter.

We also cater to cats with special needs, disabilities and cats who require specialised care post surgery or trauma. We also cater to cats with arthritis by providing appropriate climbing apparatus. We determine what each cat desires on an individual basis, whether it be hiding under a blanket, playing with rolled up paper or getting a back scratch and provide this care to ensure the cat’s usual behaviour is continued during their stay.

All staff pride in grooming the cats according to their individual requirements whether it be cleaning their eyes and ears, a light hand brush, using a knot remover or bathing if requested. We monitor each cat separately to determine their overall health and wellbeing all day and communicate well between staff to ensure that each cat is looked after to the best of our ability.The facility is kept very calm and quiet in a serene environment where the cats feel less stressed with no barking dogs in the background but with piped music to keep them entertained all day as well as when the staff are away.

We have very strict cleaning procedures using products which sanitise and disinfect as well as reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases and parasites. All of the staff have that special bond with the cats and endeavour to treat each and every individual cat like it is their own. We pride ourselves on making each cat’s stay personal and help them to settle as quickly as possible, whether we have to sit with them while we do paperwork, lay on the floor with them or even hand feed them.

We also provide Veterinarian availability 24 hours a day with treatment sought by the client's preferred Vet or by the out of hours emergency Vet. A separate isolation/Veterinary room is designed to reduce incidence of contamination and disease spreading to other cats in the unfortunate case that a cat should become sick during their stay.

We are also confident in giving cats insulin injections, but unfortunately because this takes specialised care and attention, including injections out of normal working hours, we do charge a $5 per day injection fee.

Coming Home?

Coming home from holidays and forgotten to pickup food for the cat? No problem! Our cat shop has a full stock of vet endorsed food suitable for even the fussiest of eaters.


  • Murphy

    "We are so happy to be able to have Murphy here. He's always well looked after and a very relaxed cat when we get him home."Jon
  • Millie

    Gorgeous place. Thank you so much for taking good care of Millie.Caroline Stanley
  • Cleo

    "Thanks again Tania for caring for Cleo - obviously she has loved being here and spending lots of time with Laura. It is so re-assuring for us to know, that while we are away, she couldn't be in better hands."Yvonne and Lester Watkinson
  • Frankie

    "Have been the best place for my cat Frankie highly recommended. I hope all goes well for you guys and thank you for always keeping my mind at ease when he comes to stay. Thank you."
  • The Johnson's

    "Wow! How can words express how grateful we are for the good care you've taken of our babies. They've changed so much since coming here and we can't express how grateful we are for all your hard work. We hope they are as happy with us as they have been with you. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. We will definately send you pictures and they will definately come and stay here when we go away."Lots of love, the Johnson clan, Glenn, Michelle, Georgie, Polly & Max
  • Jerry & Maria

    "Great place for our little cats - they dont want to come back home." Jerry and Maria
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